Kenya dealing with fresh farm produce export

The international food market heavily relies on fresh produce from some Asian countries such as China and Asia. However, the world market for vegetables and fruits is equally big and this means that everyone offering quality is always welcome to the party. In fact, most European countries import fruits and vegetables from developing countries according to a research done in 2013.

The research shows that Europe imports over 11 million tones of fresh fruit and 2.1 million tons of vegetables from outside the European Union. The report confirms that a good number of fresh fruits are sourced from developing countries while most vegetables are provided by neighboring countries. The research shows that Belgium, United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the leading direct importers of fresh vegetables and fruits from developing countries. In this regard, there is a wide market out there in need of our products.

At Scarlet Rose Ventures, we have invested in various modern technologies and human resource in order to close the gap between hard-working locals and the Europeans in the UK and the Middle East with no place to produce fresh fruits and vegetables. In this regard, we have specialized in exporting various fruits and vegetables to the UK, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.